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Usability testing can be conducted at any stage of the development process and is equally important for a product, interface, website or service. PDRs User-centred Design team can support you through all stages of development.  We will investigate how customers engage with your proposed new offering. We can work with you to create prototypes both physical and virtual to test with customers and provide an evidence base to inform design decisions. Alternatively, evaluations of products and services already on the market will help identify new opportunities for second generation or improved solutions.

We will develop a bespoke research plan to produce the data and insight you need. Conducted in the field or in our dedicated usability laboratory we can test in a usage context applicable to your product or service use. The User-centred Design team have extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques the results of which will be translated into applied, actionable outputs.

This service can be offered standalone or part of an integrated product development cycle alongside our New Product Development, Service Design and User Interface Design expertise.

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