Designing beautiful and usable screen interfaces.

The way we interact with a touchscreen is different to how we use a mouse. Influenced by the decisions made by the largest brands in mobile devices product developers are still trying to understand the most intuitive interactions for touchscreen devices. We can help. For over ten years we have been working on rapid and cost-effective interface design.  Throughout this time our team has remained at the forefront of new technologies as computer embedded products, and their interface mechanisms, have developed.

We use a variety of user experience (UX) prototyping tools, from simple wireframing up to high-fidelity embedded prototype interfaces in an iterative “develop-test-develop” loop. This iterative development loop allows us to understand what information should be displayed, when and how, producing a structure that fits the user’s mental model as well as being aesthetically appealing. The result is products which are both beautiful and intuitive to use.

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Alistair Ruff User Centred Design Lead