Creating prototypes of things that are hard to prototype.

Regular testing of prototypes with users provides important feedback and insight throughout the design process. The growth of the internet of things and wireless devices, alongside a recognition of the value of service provision, means that the prototypes required are increasingly intangible.

Informed through extensive in-house research, PDR has specialist expertise in the development and application of prototyping techniques that enables intangible interactions and touch points to be created much earlier in the design process than has traditionally been possible.

An extensive toolkit of technologies and processes support this and our dedicated lab space can be fitted out to provide pseudo-contextual environments for service prototyping. From internet of things enabled medical devices that use data analysis to activate features or a new approach to serving young people a new approach to serving young people in a building society PDR can prototype and test your concepts. The user-centred design team and PDR prototype and manufacture will make even the most intelligent products a testable reality throughout all design stages.

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Alistair Ruff User Centred Design Lead