Delivering insight into your customers’ unmet needs and desires.

Defining how to take a project or brand forward often requires more than understanding current customer requirements. Companies must also consider future trends and the resulting market implications which may directly or indirectly affect their products and services.

At PDR our user-centred designers use a combination of desk and field research to provide compelling product and service futures. PDR uses a selection of product assessment and futures methods to generate a forward strategy for design development opportunity be that short term or long term.

Equally as important as the research is the translation of these insights into tangible product and service based outcomes. PDR present research outcomes in a way that is understandable to the client, the data is important but what’s more important is what that means in terms of new features and functions. When partnered with our New Product Development, Service Design and User Interface Design expertise we can develop a product or service to meet the needs of your users both now and in the future.

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Alistair Ruff User Centred Design Lead