We can lead or participate in research projects from either an academic or industrial perspective.  Alongside our existing collaborations and opportunities below, please contact us with any specific enquiries.

The Centre for Applied Reconstructive Technologies in Surgery (CARTIS) is a unique collaboration that aims to make Wales a world-leader in the research, development and application of advanced technologies in surgery and prosthetics.
CARTIS was officially formed in 2006, following the previous 8 years of collaboration between the Maxillofacial Unit at Morriston Hospital and PDR at Cardiff Metropolitan University. The collaboration also extends to formally include Cwm Taf University Health Board and involves other national and international colleagues.
Through collaborative research and clinical application, the centre continues to pioneer the effective application of advanced design and manufacturing technologies in reconstructive surgery and prosthetic rehabilitation. 
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The Advanced Digital Technologies in head and neck reconstruction (ADT) Foundation was created to help identify and explore the future role of innovative digital technologies in reconstruction of the head and neck.  The missions of the ADT Foundation are:
to advance education by improving the quality of knowledge in the fields of medicine related to head and neck reconstruction;
to organise and present conferences, workshops and symposia for professional development related to head and neck reconstruction, including the conference known as "Advanced Digital Technologies in Head and Neck Reconstruction".
Dr. Dominic Eggbeer, Head of Surgical Prosthetic Design, PDR is the ADT treasurer. 
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Our researchers have proven track records in developing successful and widely-cited manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals, books or chapters, conference proceedings, and research funding bids.  Enquire via the contact details below for writing support services and collaboration opportunities.

We pride ourselves on defining and disseminating best practice, and value collaboration towards achieving the aim of more numerous, higher fidelity, and more robust publications.  If you would like to work with us to analyse and evaluate patient-specific device performance, please contact us using the details below.

Our research interests span:

·       quantified clinical outcome measures;
·       design rules for patient-specific device categories;
·       mechanical validation of patient-specific devices;
·       patient-specific healthcare economics;
·       low-cost 3D printing and design for rehabilitation devices;
·       new applications for digital design and 3D printing in surgery;
·       user-centred design in patient-specific devices;
·       design control for patient-specific devices;
·       and regulatory compliance.

We have led or been involved as an academic partner in a range of successful research projects of small to large scales. 

These projects have resulted in:

·       the creation of a novel, semi-automated computer software for the design of simple, routine maxillofacial implants by clinicians;
·       knowledge transfer to hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises about designing customised 3D-printed products;
·       the introduction of low-cost data capture and digital design solutions into NHS rehabilitation facilities;
·       and the introduction of patient-specific surgical models, guides, and implants to major maxillofacial units in South Wales.

Our rigorous and innovative research capabilities are also available as a commercial service; with the content, direction, and deliverables defined by you to suit your specific needs.  We will establish a research aim, objectives, questions, methods, reporting formats, or dissemination avenues to support a particular study or a broader project.  This might be with a view to investigating a new technology or technique, or a part of achieving regulatory compliance.

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