Custom Implants are custom-designed and Additively Manufactured (or “3D Printed”) devices matched exactly to an individual patient’s anatomy to restore mechanical or aesthetic functions. They can be designed offline by our design engineers following your precise specifications, or as an extension of an online-meeting-driven digital surgical planning process in conjunction with custom surgical guides. Typical applications include: zygomatic osteotomy implants, orbital floor / medial wall reconstructions, temporal / orbital tumour reconstructions and maxillary reconstruction plates.

Thanks to the Additive Manufacturing processes, customised surface finishes / microstructures and porosities may be possible – to encourage osseointegration in targeted areas or to reduce weight whilst maintaining strength.  A range of metal materials are suitable for fabrication – appropriateness will be discussed according to the exact requirements of each case.

We can receive DICOM data by post, and now digitally via the secure Image Exchange Portal (IEP). See our New Product Request & Customer Setup form below for details on how to setup a secure digital link between your PACS system and PDR.
Online meetings are performed using – a link to access the planning session will be emailed in advance of the agreed time. Best-case turnaround time is 7-8 days from receipt of data to device dispatch. More usual times would be 10-14 days.

Please see the following downloads for guidance on:

Recommended CT-Scan Protocols

New Product Request and Customer Set-Up Template

To make an enquiry, please follow the simple steps outlined below.
Call us or email us with the details in our New Product Request Form.
 Via secure DICOM data upload (see page 6 of our New Product Request Form to setup a secure digital link between your PACS system and PDR) or by post (on CD or DVD) to:
Surgical & Prosthetic Design
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Llandaff Campus
200 Western Avenue
(If the disc is encrypted, the password should be sent separately through the post or emailed to [email protected]).
We will agree a time with you and share our screen via the online meeting service. You can dictate precisely where to cut or reposition anatomy to achieve your desired result. Depending on the complexity of the case you can arrange for us to have the majority of the work completed before the session – so that only verification is needed. 
The outputs from the planning session can range from images, measurements, reconstruction aids, custom surgical guides and/or custom implantsThese can be created during the same session, over multiple sessions, or unilaterally by our design engineers after agreeing detailed collaborative surgical plan and device design specifications. 
Upon agreement of the final plans and output designs, we will prepare a quotation which will be sent to the provided email address.   
At this stage, the designs for your device(s) should be thoroughly reviewed by the prescribing / operating surgeon and either approved, or a request for revisions made to PDR. 

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