Since 1998 PDR has delivered thousands of custom surgical plans, 3d-printed models, guides and implants to the NHS.  They improve the predictability, accuracy, safety and speed of procedures. 
Enduring research and development collaborations with surgeons, prosthetists and technologists have delivered unique insights into the real-world constraints of the lab and theatre – making our devices practical, effective and reliable.  Our expert team of design engineers are routinely embedded in hospital departments to learn first-hand about the unique challenges posed by trauma, deformity and disease. 
Plans, models and guides are delivered within days, with some implants designed, fabricated and delivered inside of a week. 
Please select from our 6 core services, or give us a call if you have any further questions or more complicated requests.  We’re always happy to discuss ways to make our services more accessible to you.

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Dr Dominic Eggbeer Head of Surgical & Prosthetic Design
Sean Peel Business Development Design Engineer

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