We design new service concepts for your business and create a vision that everyone can buy into.

Through a structured process of idea generation we translate insights from your customers into tangible designs for new service concepts.  We then take the most suitable concepts forward and present these as a compelling vision for what your service could be.Service Concepts
Starting with a set of agreed user insights we use an iterative design process to move from initial ideas into refined service concepts.

These concepts are then visualised using illustrations, animations and storyboards to bring them to life for your business. All developed concepts are documented to provide you with a pipeline of new ideas for your business. Typically this is delivered through presentations, reports and workshops with key staff. 

Service Visioning
A strong, well communicated vision for the chosen service concept is essential if you are taking service concepts through to realisation in the marketplace.

We turn the best features of your chosen concepts into one coherent vision for your service. We also provide you with the tools and collateral required to build awareness and secure buy-in for the new service within your business.

Typically projects like this will build upon the user-insight phase and form part of our clients’ wider customer experience or service innovation programme.

If you are interested in service concept and visioning at PDR or would like to discuss your project requirements in more detail, please contact the team on the details below.

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