We design the digital service that connects your business to the customer.

Delivering your complex service through a digital channel is a challenging operation that requires a deep understanding of both the customer experience and your own back-office functions.
We make this process simple by bringing our in-house service design and user interface teams together, providing you with a multidisciplinary team that will successfully align these two elements.

Engaging with you early in the design process we will work with you and your customers to define the new digital service and bring this to life with a variety of visualisation tools.
Formative user trials will direct the design and will be conducted in our in-house usability lab, we bring the initial ideas to life using rapid prototyping techniques and tools so that you can have confidence and sight of the new digital service throughout development.
Typically we help our clients in the early stage of digital service design, turning challenges into fully formed propositions before handing over to your in-house teams for integration.

Where required we also work with trusted partners to supplement our in-house capabilities where specific technologies or development is required.

If you are interested in digital service design at PDR or would like to discuss your project requirements in more detail, please contact the team on the details below.

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