We design the elements to help you realise your service proposition.

Each touchpoint that makes up your service proposition must be designed with care and attention to ensure that the service vision is translated into a high-quality and consistent customer experience.
Our multi-disciplinary team bring the customer experience to life through design research, service design, interactive prototypes and eventually final designs for full production and launch.
Along the way we’ll help you to check-in with customers and staff and evaluate the design within our user-centred design lab, reducing unnecessary development costs and providing you with real customer data to evidence your business case and inform your marketing strategies.
Typically, we support our clients across multiple channels, for example this could include: 

Empowering your workforce
We work with your business to develop training and instructions for use on all of the human service elements of the proposition. For example, this may involve writing staff scripts for interacting with customers or training on new web apps or service features.

Enabled by digital
We undertake the design work for digital products that enable you to deliver the optimum customer experience and meet your service vision. We can do this for web interfaces, mobile applications or complex pieces of software design.

Physical assets
We work with your marketing team to design the physical assets that ensure your service vision is deployed effectively. Our team of multi-disciplinary designers will support you in the design of physical spaces, products, packaging and communications for example.

If you are interested in customer experience design at PDR or would like to discuss your project requirements in more detail, please contact the team on the details below.

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