Design Policy Workshops for Ukraine, France & Wallonia

By: Dr Anna Whicher Date: 23/04/2018

We have developed a design-led approach for mapping design ecosystems and jointly developing policy actions with key stakeholders.

According to the European Commission’s Action Plan for Design-driven Innovation in Europe:

‘A more systematic use of design as a tool for user-centred and market-driven innovation in all sectors of the economy, complementary to R&D, would improve European competitiveness’.

A growing number of European countries have developed design strategies or action plans including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland and Latvia.

The team at PDR has developed a hands-on one day workshop to kick-start the process of developing design strategies and action plans. PDR has delivered more than 30 of these workshops around the world since 2009 -  most recently, in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Malta, France, Ukraine, Georgia and Thailand.

The Design Policy Workshops involve three exercises with 15-25 stakeholders:

1) Mapping the stakeholders and initiatives in the Design Innovation Ecosystem;
2) Examining the strengths and weaknesses of the ecosystem;
3) Jointly developing a set of policy proposals. 

You can access recent workshop transcripts here:
Design4Innovation: Wales, Flanders, Central Macedonia, Latvia, Malta, Silesia, Galicia, Catalonia (Jan 2018)
Plymouth: Mapping the Creative Ecosystem (Jan 2018)
Wallonia: Mapping the Design Ecosystem in Wallonia (Nov 2017)
France: Developing a design action plan for France (Sept 2017)
Ukraine: From Design Thinking Towards A Design Action Plan (Sept 2017)
Lithuania: Design Policy Workshop Report (April 2016)
Examples of design policy actions that have been developed include to:

  • Conduct research on the number of designers in the Ukraine and how businesses understand and use design.

  • Implement workshops for children on design as problem-solving.

  • Provide training for civil servants in design methods.

  • Integrate design managers within innovation agencies.

  • Pilot a mentoring programme connecting designers and small businesses.

  • Showcase successful designers in public spaces.

Contact Anna or Piotr to find out more about these workshops and our extensive experience in this area of design.