A Boy and His Train

By: Lucinda Dargavel Date: 10/01/2018

It isn’t all about design awards – sometimes it is just about making a difference.

When we received an email asking if we could help to make a little boy’s dream come true it wasn’t the average email you receive at PDR… but then again working at PDR there is no such thing as an average email.
The email was asking if we could help a little boy to create a train he had designed.

Harri is 7 years old and suffers from a very rare and aggressive form of cancer and the thought that we could make his day a little bit easier was enough to put us on the case. We didn’t need to think about our response. Liz, Harri’s mum, explained that it was all being kept a secret from Harri and we were determined to make the train in time for Christmas.

Josh, Dominic and Ben set about creating the CAD from Harri’s own drawings and once this was complete the model was 3D printed and then hand-painted by Emily and Chris in our workshop.

Harri had his train in time for Christmas and we were all left with that warm, fuzzy feeling that this time of year should be all about.

"Harri was completely amazed, in fact he spent most of the next hour after opening with his mouth open in wonder."