EU Design Days

By: Josh Hart Date: 18/10/2017

As a 'young design talent', I was successful in my application to present Design4Innovation at ERRIN the European Regions Research and Innovation Network)'s Design Days and to then facilitate a workshop on design methods, in particular that of speculative design, to civil servants from across Europe. 
EU Design Days is an annual event and its focus is to increase the use of design thinking for tackling complex political and cultural problems - making it ultimately become a tool for change.
PDR is at the forefront of design policy and ably demonstrates how design thinking can be applied. PDR is the lead partner of Design4Innovation, an EU funding project aimed to share knowledge of design and its application in targeted regions, and as a member of the team I was able to share some of our experiences and findings during the event. 
I condensed some of the methods explored in our speculative design workshop to form a much shorter one hour workshop where participants were encouraged to imagine what healthcare could look like in the future and perhaps more importantly the path to get from here to there. These ideas were divergently created using our Speculative Thinking Tool and were then chosen using the 'Detail and Scope' tool.
Overall, I felt that the workshop was a great success as many participants walking away with new methods of thinking, opening new possibilities. It was clear from this event that we are heading towards a new era of policymaking, where policies are not just reactive to change but are creating it, integrating our values and morals in the policies which will shape our world.