Advanced Digital Tech - Amiens Conference

By: Dr Dominic Eggbeer Date: 13/06/2017

As part of CARTIS, PDR's Hayley Hanson and Dr Dominic Eggbeer had the opportunity to contribute to the 6th Triennial ADT conference in Amiens along with Peter Evans, Heather Goodrum and Lawrence Dovgalski.  In cooperation with the Facing Faces Institute, CARTIS delivered oral presentations, posters, chaired sessions and delivered a workshop on additive manufacture.  Both Peter Evans and Dominic Eggbeer are involved in the ADT Foundation as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The conference hosted a diverse range of scientific topics from fundamental science to clinical application, and functional outcome assessment.  The link between these disciplines was reinforced throughout the programme.  Industry sponsors also had the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations, with Tomoki Itamiya (who presented on Augmented and Mixed Reality using a Holographic Computing for the Surgical Field) was also available to provide an augmented reality experience during the breaks. 

On the final day, Autodesk’s Azam Khan introduced the parametric human project, which illustrated how combining anatomical, surgical and computing knowledge can create a valuable open source resource for research.  Andy Christensen, a long-standing pioneer in the field of additive manufacture for healthcare applications, provided the final comments as Honorary Conference Chair. These words reflected on the evolution of technology, the importance of research/industry/governing body collaboration and looked to future innovation. 

Finally, Masayuki Takano provided a preview of what we can look forward to in two years time in Tokyo.  We are extremely excited at the prospect of ADT in Japan, which is a country renowned for technology innovation. 

PDR and the CARTIS team would like to thank the conference organisers, outgoing ADT Chair, David Cote and incoming ADT Chair, Gerald Grant.  We thoroughly enjoyed the programme, are proud to have contributed to the conference, and look forward to 2019. In the meantime, we are organising a UK Regional ADT conference for 2018. 

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