Design Foundations with Innovate UK

By: Lucinda Dargavel Date: 26/04/2017

PDR recently won two projects in the first round of Innovate UK's Design Foundations competition. This funding competition is directed towards the application of design-led methods from first principles in order to understand customer motivations and behaviour, inspire new ideas, support decision-making and inform strategy.

In the first project, PDR's User Centred Design and EcoDesign teams will be working with Bramble Energy and 4th Energy Wave to identify sustainable markets for Bramble's novel high-performance, low-cost, mass-manufacturable polymer electrolyte fuel cell. The second project which has been awarded is with an SME involved in innovative ultrasonic devices.

If you are interested in getting involved in Design Foundations then Innovate UK's briefing event on May 23rd would be the ideal way for you to find out more.

The event itself will take the form of a larger briefing event and will be held at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

Presentations will run throughout the morning and the day will close at circa 2:30pm.