PDR at the 2016 Service Design Fringe Festival

By: Lucinda Dargavel Date: 02/09/2016

PDR will be running the Future Services in a Technology Enabled Healthcare System event as part of the 2016 Service Design Fringe Festival (LDF)

This free event will be held on September 19th at PDR’s new London office.

It will focus on what happens when you go beyond the patient experience and start to explore what new technologies could mean for both provider and patient?

It is clear that a new wave of technologies is enabling new approaches to healthcare to become the mainstream. Service design has played a significant role in this - from apps to track our activity and encourage healthy behaviours to better-designed hospital wards.

However, designers are going well beyond this now and we need to start discussing what this means for services. PDR will present three areas where the future of healthcare is being explored, namely connected medical devices3D printed prosthesis and user interface design and will discuss what this means for service providers and service designers.

“Service design encompasses a broad range of design areas and we’re really excited to bring these to the Service Design Fringe Festival."



This event builds on an article that PDR published last year about the health tech industry following a visit to Medica 2016 and is aimed at people working within public and private health serviceshealth technologyservice designmedical device design and healthcare manufacturing

The Service Design Fringe Festival is a showcase of the game changing work that service design is doing in London. The festival runs alongside the London Design Festival 2016 and aims to bring service design into the mainstream. Follow the action using #servicedesignldf and twitter handle @SD_LDF

Download the full listing of the SDFF Interactive Events 2016.