Sean Peel

Business Development Design Engineer

Sean has designed and 3D-printed patient-specific surgical or prosthetic-rehabilitation devices for more than 1000 patients.

In his role as Business Development Design Engineer, he focuses on maximising opportunities for collaboration, research and enterprise by developing how the Surgical & Prosthetic Design team works with clinicians and industry.  By combining a grounding in industrial design principles, significant experience of additive manufacturing technologies, and knowledge of medical procedures, he undertakes collaborative design and research projects to produce novel custom implants, surgical guides and soft-tissue prostheses. Additionally, he works with surgeons to plan and rehearse operations in the virtual CAD environment to improve predictability, reduce costs, and deliver better clinical outcomes.
His research is concerned with informing the development of new design tools; to facilitate more efficient inter-disciplinary communication and collaborative working between engineers and medical professionals. He is working part time on a Ph.D. on this topic.