Sean Peel

Business Development Design Engineer

I studied industrial design at University and decided to specialise in surgical design because of the impact that these kinds of products can have. I’d always enjoyed drawing and wanted to do something that combined this creativity with a harder engineering edge; design seemed like the perfect option. I find it hugely motivating to know that my designs can enable people physically and socially to lead fuller lives.
The longer I work in surgical design the more I appreciate the psychological, social and political challenges that designers have to overcome as well as the technical; I think it’s the need to understand this complexity that has drawn me to research. At the moment patient specific devices are not routinely used, even though the impact that they can make on peoples’ lives compared to off the shelf alternatives is enormous. Working with the Surgical and Prosthetic Design team at PDR is giving me the opportunity to investigate how we can make these devices the norm across the NHS.