Lucinda Dargavel

PR & Communications Manager

I grew up in a professional environment thanks to the nature of my father's work and because of this I have always enjoyed meeting people - this has in turn given me the confidence to look for new connections and create opportunities to work with new clients. I have competed in equestrian events since I was a child and I believe that the competitive spirit this encourages carries over into my working life.  I love spending time at trade shows and events promoting the work we do at PDR and sharing our successes through our blog and social media. The creative environment here makes it an inspiring place to work and helping the designers and researchers to tell their stories and helping potential clients connect with the right people is what motivates me.
I started working in PR, marketing and communications after finishing my degree in French and Spanish at Cardiff University. Since joining PDR it has been great to be able to use my languages again. We are working on more international projects all the time across both the research and commercial teams and being able to communicate with our clients and partners in their own language is important to me.