Jarred Evans


I’ve always loved making things. I had a great design and technology teacher who gave me free reign in the school workshop to recommission old equipment and use them for my own projects. I started with furniture and jewellery and ended up going on to study industrial design at university. I enjoyed the friendly competitive environment of working in a design studio and getting to grips with commercial pressures during industrial placements. What I learnt is that I am more interested in design practice than theory and in particular the power of the written word. Being able to tell stories through design is the key to success.
I came to PDR as commercial director in 2003 after a number of years working in the medical device sector. It was a fantastic opportunity to develop the commercial elements of the organisation and create a truly world class design team. The blend of commercial practice and academic research at PDR is unique and continually pushes us to learn and grow. It is a privilege to lead such a wonderful team of people and to see the impact that we have on products and services that genuinely improve people’s lives.