Grahame Jones

Senior Design Consultant

I’ve been interested in creative drawing and making for as long as I can remember, renovating motorbikes and carving wood from a young age. My first formal experiences of design were strongly influenced by the Bauhaus style, focusing on practical skills to understand and manipulate materials. This early experience of product design as a discipline and philosophy has stayed with me and still informs the way I approach new projects.
Before coming to PDR I worked for 18 years as an in house designer specialising in rehabilitation equipment. Balancing the needs of users and healthcare professionals against the commercial pressures of the company really demonstrated to me the value of good design. It gave me an insight into the commercial world that contract designers rarely see. Working at PDR has been a very different experience. It is fast paced with widely varying projects that constantly challenge me to learn something new. It has a truly creative atmosphere that allows us to tackle the most demanding projects as a team where everyone is valued.