Emily Bilbie

Lead Prototype Engineer

I was inspired by my parents’ work with wood and textiles to start designing and making things from a young age. I love to work with wood especially to make hand carved and finished pieces. My favourite creation is a chair I made from quarter sawn oak.  It’s a decorative piece in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh that incorporates my love of Tolkien with hand carved motifs from Lord of the Rings. It takes a lot of time and patience to produce a hand finished piece like this, but it’s hugely rewarding to see the final product.
I first came to work in PDR as part of the Surgical and Prosthetic Design group after studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University. I’m now leading activities in the workshop and love the variety of projects from across the commercial and design teams. I’m constantly learning new ways of making with different tools, machines and techniques to push the boundaries of the services we provide for our clients and enjoy the challenge and creativity this offers.