Ben Nolan

Product Design Manager

I first encountered product design at the age of 14. I loved studying art as well as science and maths. As a keen cyclist I spent so much time fixing and modifying my bikes that design and engineering seemed like the perfect way to combine all my interests.
I had a few different design jobs both in house and as a freelance product designer before coming to PDR and have worked on a large range of projects from blenders to CT scanners. What I love about working here is that it combines the challenges of tackling different projects that you get as a freelancer with the benefits of being part of a supportive team. 
I find the medical projects we do at PDR the most rewarding. I get a real sense of purpose knowing that my work will have an impact on someone’s quality of life, and hopefully enable them to participate more fully in the things that they enjoy. My favourite part of the job is solving new problems and having to become the expert in a new area in a very short period of time. Every client and project is different which drives me to be more creative and definitely keeps my enthusiasm for design alive.