Amy Lowe

User Centred Designer

I was inspired to become a designer by one of my teachers in school. I’ve always loved drawing and working with people on creative projects and he encouraged me to channel this enthusiasm into product design. My favourite part of the design process is trying to understand users’ needs and turn these into a solution for them.
I’m particularly interested in children’s healthcare. One of my most memorable experiences as a designer was a hackathon at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where we worked on a project to help with the correct positioning of cannulas in young children. Incorrect positioning can lead to chemical burns that sometimes require a skin graft. Working with the doctors and nurses helped me to understand the frustrations that they face in such a high pressure environment and the impact that a designer can have to really make a difference.
Working at PDR is great fun. It’s my first job as a professional designer and I’m learning every day. The design team come from a range of different backgrounds and are always willing to offer advice and support. I’m working on different projects all the time and it’s a great experience to see clients of different sizes from across the private and public sector. I don’t think I’d get such a broad experience anywhere else.