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The Hygea 1250 is a pioneering new instrument cleaning system. It is targeted at the primary healthcare market of doctors surgeries, dentists, chiropodists etc where small surgical instruments are used and who previously had no access to quality cleaning apparatus.
The generally utilitarian, unappealing appearance of traditional ultrasonic cleaners combined with their noise and an inability to validate the cleaning undertaken has prevented this technology entering front line health care where its benefits in cost, speed and instrument cleanliness are significant. 
The Hygea unit moves the whole category of products on significantly from a utilitarian, laboratory based and ‘crude’ technology to a more sophisticated, functional and approachable platform.
PDR undertook product design activity through a structured, stage-gate process that progressed reliably through conceptual, development engineering and detail design. The final design uses a roto-moulded main case minimising operational noise whilst lowering tooling and part cost for the proposed production volumes. It was soon realised that PDR could design, prototype, tool and mould a custom printer mechanism suited to the design cheaper than the purchase of an off the shelf unit and this was designed, tooled and injection moulded in record time.All electronics, power supplies, transducers and mechanisms house simply and easily within this main casing which also contains the main stainless steel cleaning tank. This not only reduced product cost compared to traditional manufacturing means substantially the design also acted as a driver for changes to the manufacturing systems and operations within the company.
The impact of this different approach to design has impacted both the company and the marketplace significantly. The power of the unit means that even the heaviest contaminants such as dental cement are easily removed and with quiet running and simple three button operation the unit is finding applications in a patient care environment for the first time. Since launch, sales have been substantial and the product remains in production to this day.

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