Step Up: Small Business Design Management Toolkit

Design Management
A guide for owner-managers and design champions in small companies

At PDR we’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses to help them with their design issues. So, in this toolkit we’ve pulled together the diagrams, lists and explanations we use most often and find most helpful.

This document is aimed at the owner or manager of a small business – the person who makes the decisions about the future of the company. But it might also be given to a ‘design champion’ in the team – someone who is keen to push the business to develop new products and services and help it grow.

After you’ve read or skimmed through the whole thing (we’ve tried to keep it short!) you might use just one of the diagrams or you can work through them one-by-one over a period of time.
As with all tools, they work best when you use them rather than just look at them. This is why we’ve also provided some of the tools as large-format sheets that you can download, print, stick on a wall and use to involve your whole team.

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