Mad Catz Interactive


Prototype & Manufacture
Gaming Mouse for PC

Mad Catz Interactive designs and manufactures interactive entertainment products, ranging from gaming products to audio and flight simulation software.
The team at PDR works closely with its designers and has prototyped various products for the company, most recently the R.A.T.1 Gaming Mouse. The R.A.T.1 is a high-performance gaming mouse which is suitable for everyday use.

PDR's workshop houses its own 3D printing facilities and vacuum casting machines and its skilled team of model makers produce consistently high quality cosmetic prototypes.

"PDR has consistently delivered prototypes of the highest quality, enabling us to make better, quicker, more informed decisions during critical project periods. We have used a variety of rapid prototype techniques, built soft tools and prototyped electronically functioning mock-ups so we can evaluate designs concurrently. Always helpful, honest and reliable - a great resource to have at our disposal.”


Mad Catz recently announced that the R.A.T.1 has been named as a CES 2016 Innovations Award Honoree for Outstanding Design, and will be featured during CES 2016 at the Innovation Awards Showcase.

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Emily Bilbie Surgical & Prosthetic Design Engineer
Chris Davies Prototype & Manufacture Technician