Interactive Prototyping for Medical Interface

User Centred Design
Interactive prototyping as a testing platform

CHI+MED is a multi-disciplinary EPSRC funded project working towards the safer design of medical devices. The overall aim of the project is to investigate how ‘programmable medical devices’ can be made safer and how risk of human error can be reduced. 
PDR were approached to develop an interactive prototype as a platform upon which data entry techniques and their susceptibility to error could be investigated. In order to create this prototype PDR utilised both the state of the art additive rapid prototyping available through the workshop alongside the specialist interactive prototyping skills of the UCD team. 

As well as a simple physical design to represent a generic programmable medical device such an infusion pump the brief required multiple interface options, a touch screen and the ability to connect to a commercially available micro-controller.
The workshop and UCD team worked hand in hand to design and prototype both the physical presence of the device as well as the PCB to allow for the variety of interchangeable components and connection to the micro-controller. The final product, a simple but effective testing platform to aid the advancement of safety in medical devices. 

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