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Expanding services offered by a manufacturing company

Hydro Industries are a high-tech manufacturing company making electro-based products for water purification. They have manufactured electrochemical water treatment units for companies such as Shell, BAA and Corus.

PDR designed a new service that enabled customers to rent its unique equipment for short periods of time bypassing expensive sales procedures and complex treatment info structure. Since launching the new rental service Hydro industries are now one of the fastest growing companies in Wales thanks to a new service designed by PDR.

As with many small businesses in the manufacturing sector, Hydro Industries has established itself based on technical expertise and new technology. 

“We are a new company introducing new technology, and it can be an uphill struggle.”


When PDR started working with Hydro Industries the business had an annual turnover of £1m and employed 7 staff. However, identifying opportunities for growth was challenging.

What did we do?

PDR ran a series of workshops with members of the company, from senior managers to installation staff. The workshops started by mapping out typical “customer journeys” and identifying areas that had a significant impact on the customer experience, highlighting good practices, current problems, and potential improvements.

A key focus early on was customer touchpoints, junctures at which change would have the greatest potential for the business. After participating in the programme and focusing which services the company currently offered, the team started to revise their limited product-and sales-focused business plans.

Hydro Industries set aside £50k for research and development to create the new service and develop their existing product to fit with the new offer.

What was the result?

The new service was designed to enable customers to rent equipment for short periods of time rather than buy it outright. Focusing on sectors such as construction, marine and energy where water treatment may only be required for a period of two or three months.

“We found PDR’s experience and knowledge invaluable to help us set up our service opportunities.”


The service benefited the company as well as the user as it provided a paid route for customers wanting to test out the new technology on their own wastewater, something that had previously been an expensive part of the sales process.

After prototyping the new service it was clear that it would have both a clear financial and competitive benefit. Within two months of launching the new service sales had reached £100k.

Since the service launched in 2011, the business has moved to significantly larger premises, employs over 30 staff and has an annual turnover of over £4m. 

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