Customer Experience Mapping

User Centred Design
Mapping the customer experience journey regarding food preparation appliances.

Kenwood, a true household name in British kitchens, has been designing and manufacturing quality kitchen appliances since 1947.

Kenwood identified the need to understand the experience of purchasing its kitchen products, through the eyes of the customers, to help recognise areas of the journey that require greater attention.

PDR worked with Kenwood to create an extensive customer experience map for its product range, detailing the peaks and troughs in the journey and highlighting how each touch point may assist or interfere with the wider journey.The project included a comprehensive schedule of both desk-based research and primary research studies, which involved both existing and next generation Kenwood customers. A mixed method research approach was undertaken to help gain insight into the explicit and latent needs of customers; from conducting store safaris across the UK, to observing quasi-contextual shopping experiences and contextual reviews of product use within the users’ homes. This research was visualised by a large customer journey map, which detailed each stage and touch-point of a user’s journey from initial need identification through to first use and storage. Key insights discovered in the research studies were translated into design outcomes, with suggestions of new products and services made as well as opportunity areas highlighted for Kenwood that concentrated around the customer experience of its kitchen products.

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