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Guiding product development through user insight

The relationship between parents and the products they choose for their children is complex. The subtleties of building strong relationships with these customers are not new to Mothercare, and so they employed PDR's UCD team to engage their users and identify new product direction.
A multi-faceted research approach consisting of methods tailored to the specific needs of working with children yielded extremely detailed results into how both parents and babies perceived and interacted with products.

The Group calls upon a wide library of methods and original research to gain rich and rigorous insights supported by clear evidence, some of the most insightful were those that engaged the parents such as: lab based user studies, longitudinal video diaries and log books.  Allowing PDR a peak into the very intimate relationship between a parent and their child and to understand how they interact with a new toy over an extended period of time.
Through analysing the collected data combined with real life user stories PDR was able to create a clear brief for future product development that can have real impact, backed by evidence. 

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Alistair Ruff User Centred Design Lead